On March 14, St. Paul’s Council met to review recommendations from infectious disease experts, our Synod, and other resources regarding suspension of St. Paul’s activities.  The Council voted to cancel all church activities, except the food pantry, for the remainder of the month of March, effective immediately.  As we begin April, the Executive Committee understands the need for us to be vigilant.  We are aware of the difficulty that this places on you, our congregation, our community, state and nation.  Continue to be diligent in your daily prayer and Bible reading.  There are many online sources.  For those of us who have worship books in our possession, there are daily scripture readings provided as well many prayers for daily use.  St. Paul’s will not have Sunday services until the end of April.  Check the webpage and your email for updates and St. Paul’s facebook page for live sermons and please remember to send your offering. 

The food pantry will be accessible to the community, but item distribution will change.  Patrons will be able to pick up prepackaged bags, but we will not bring those receiving services through the pantry.  Pictures are in the April newsletter to give you an idea of how this is working. 

We are providing resources for you to stay connected to Christ and all St. Paul’s members through worship and word at home.  It is very important, given our reliance on envelope giving and investment distributions (which will be lower in this time), that members continue or increase giving by mailing in checks or electronic means (available on our website) during this time. 

God’s Peace,

St. Paul’s Council

St. Paul’s Facebook is now linked to our webpage.  It can be found in the right column under the calendar of events and newsletter.  Pastor’s sermons are live on Facebook.  Hope this will help those who don’t have a Facebook account.   Click on the blue f to enlarge video presentation. 

Click on one of the links below for the newsletter you wish to view and the sermons, prayers, and bulletin available for you during our closure:

Stations of the Cross 2-Activities for Easter for the Children

4-5-20 Palm Sunday Bulletin

PALM SUNDAY SPECIAL EVENT and No Need to Get Out of Your Car – Palm Sunday Road Rally Procession-All of the details are in the April Newsletter which can be accessed below.  Pastor Reep and Deacon Ellen Doughty will be at the specified locations from 9:15-10:00 a.m. so that everyone does not arrive at the same time.  A great way to get out of the house and Celebrate Palm Sunday and remember the importance of this Holy Week in our lives as Christian people

4-1-20 Wednesday Lenten Vespers

3-22-20 E-Service Fourth Sunday in Lent LBW Setting 3

3-18-20 Wednesday Lenten Vespers

3-15-20 Pastor’s Sermon and Prayers

3-15-20 Third Sunday in Lent LBW Setting 3.1 – First page of the bulletin appears blank and page before announcements.  Just keep scrolling down until you get to the end of the two pages of announcements- Lebanon Valley College last article concert cancelled.  Sorry!

Click on  links below for the newsletter you wish to view:  The current newsletter will feature any article linked from the home page.  

When reading Our Church Newsletter for March and April 2020, please be aware that because of COVID-19, all events to be held at the church are cancelled until further notice.  The church pantry will have food to be given out on Tuesday morning but it will be prepackaged and given out at the door.  We will update you through the webpage, facebook, and mail blasts of things as they happen.  The church office is closed but Patee will be able to get information out to everyone who has an email address which will include sermons, prayers, and bulletins for worshiping with your family in your homes. 

Our Church Newsletter April 2020- *****Change – Palm Sunday Road Rally Procession Time – Pastor will be at the church starting at 9:15 and be there until 10:00 a.m. so everyone doesn’t come at the same time.*****

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