St. Paul’s Gallery is new and improved…..  The pictures are now posted as mini galleries by event.  To enlarge the pictures for better viewing,  click on the picture you wish to view and it will be enlarged.  To view all of the pictures in a gallery start by clicking the picture at the top left corner and then you can press the > to the right of the picture and view the complete slideshow for that event.  When finished with each gallery click on the x (small white x in top right corner on the black) and all of the galleries will show up again.  Enjoy!

Christ the King Sunday – Annual Meeting


Raise the Roof Fundraiser for Mpuguso – Our Goad is to Raise $5,000 Through Donations During the Month Of November for Mpuguso Request.

Harvest Dinner and Live Artwork Auction/Silent Auction to Benefit St. Paul’s Food Pantry

God’s Work, Our Hands (September 11, 2022)  – Volunteers Packed 1,000 Health Kits for Lutheran World Relief

Sunday Coffee Hour – July 17, 2022

Confirmation  –  May 1, 2022

Lent  2022