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Confirmation 2023 – It is a blessing to have these young adults as part of our church family!  Contgratulations!

Holy Week 2023 – Alleluia! Christ is Risen., He is Risen Indeed.  Alleluia!

Fellowship Following Reception of New Members – Palm Sunday


Reception of New Members – Palm Sunday


CREATE – Children making Lenten Vignettes


Wednesday Lenten Supper – A Lenten Supper of soup and salad is served Wednesday Evenings before Vespers during the Lenten Season.

Second Sunday Sandwiches, March 12, 2023  – The second Sunday of the month, the Fellowship Committee prepares food for after the  10:30 a.m. service.  It is a time for food and fellowship.  We have one little guy who brought the clock from his bedroom wall to see how long he had to wait for Second Sunday Sandwiches today.  He was so excited!

Ash Wednesday Senior Luncheon – On February 22 after the morning Ash Wednesday Service, the Witness Committee prepared lunch for our seniors.  It was well attended and enjoyed by those attending.  It was a great opportunity for them to socialize and have lunch together.  No one went away hungry!

On February 10, the Witness Committee had a Valentine’s Social for young adults.  The young parents that were there had an opportunity to enjoy a four course dinner, prepared in house, while their children were being taken care at another location in the church with lots of sitters and supervision.  It was a great opportunity for new couples to meet other young couples within the church.  It was a lovely evening.

Miss Kelly with her group of volunteers had a Valentine’s social  with the little ones and entertained them while their parent’s enjoyed a leisurely, relaxing dinner.  They had a great time!

Christian Education Committee is drawing attention out into the wilderness and the joy of church camp experiences.  Campers shared their reflections of camp and hiking and wilderness provided through Camp Nawakwa and Camp Kirkenwald.  Breakfast was prepared by St. Paul’s Men and their Children and the Fellowship Committee.

Pictures taken Christmas Eve – The Sanctuary and Church are Beautiful!  Enjoy!

St. Paul’s Young Artist in Production of a Nativity Play based on an Old English Traditional Carol “On Christmas Day in the Morning”– Mary and Joseph are  on their journey to Bethlehem in search of a place of shelter to rest and so that Mary might deliver her baby and they encounter the following animals on their way:  sparrows, crows, pigs, minnows, drakes, sheep and cows.  The animals are unable to help them find a place to stay.  It all ends with the children singing “A Winter Night” and the news that Christ is born.  We are blessed with an incredibly talented group of children and a gifted director for our children’s choirs.

Christ the King Sunday – Annual Meeting


Raise the Roof Fundraiser for Mpuguso – Our Goad is to Raise $5,000 Through Donations During the Month Of November for Mpuguso Request.

Harvest Dinner and Live Artwork Auction/Silent Auction to Benefit St. Paul’s Food Pantry

God’s Work, Our Hands (September 11, 2022)  – Volunteers Packed 1,000 Health Kits for Lutheran World Relief

Sunday Coffee Hour – July 17, 2022