Confirmation Ministry

Confirmation Program

The Confirmation Ministry follows the Small Catechism of Martin Luther.  We hope that all of our students grade 7 and up will engage in this ministry.

Confirmation Ministry – Begins September 11, 2022

The 2022/23 Confirmation ministry program is held on Sunday morning concurrent with Sunday school. The majority of participants this year have younger siblings who regularly attend Sunday school classes. With this knowledge it was logical to switch instruction from Sunday evenings to Sunday mornings. This should work well for all of our families. The fall term will focus on prayer, specifically the Lord’s Prayer.  Sessions will begin on September 11 with an inter-generational kick off for God’s Work our Hands. Units on the Lord’s Prayer will follow for 9 weeks. The unit on the Lord’s Prayer will close November 13.  Thanksgiving to Christmas will be devoted to a Nativity play scheduled for presentation on December 18 or joining with the adults on themes of the Advent Season.