There are many ways of giving to St. Paul’s:

Giving envelopes are distributed to each member/family in November/December for the following year for Current Expenses, Special Holy Days, Theological Education, and ELCA World Hunger.  If you need envelopes, please see Patee, Church Secretary.

There are special  envelopes for the Capital Campaign and an envelope which can be used for miscellaneous giving:  Food Pantry, Altar Flowers, Easter Flowers, or Poinsettias for Christmas and Other Donations.    Just remember to get credit for your donation when using one of the miscellaneous envelopes, you need to write your name and envelope number if you know it on the envelope.

Thrivent Choice (Thrivent Choice Dollars) is one way we receive donations and explained in the webpage.  Click on the underlined link to get to the correct page.

You can give electronically through your bank or through electronic giving “Donate Now” (Donate Now) from the webpage.  Click on the link in red to get to the correct page.

Fund Raising Events:

Note Cards –

St. Paul’s is offering packages of twelve beautiful note cards depicting paintings by Pastor Reep. They are available now in the Good Shepherd Room, Many of the images were painted during his sabbatical. Six images are landscapes and six images are still life. The twelve images are on display in the Good Shephard Room. They are printed on high quality card stock and come with envelopes. . All proceeds benefit the St. Paul’s Lutheran Food Pantry.