Note Cards

Twelve Note Cards – Benefit for the Food Pantry

St. Paul’s is offering packages of twelve beautiful note cards depicting paintings by Pastor Reep. They are available now in the Good Shepherd Room, Many of the images were painted during his sabbatical. Six images are landscapes and six images are still life. The twelve images are on display in the Good Shephard Room. They are printed on high quality card stock and come with envelopes. To purchase packages simply complete a “Special Offering” envelope and mark it “Note Cards” and place it in the offering or give it to the church secretary. The requested donation is $20 per pack. All proceeds benefit the St. Paul’s Lutheran Food Pantry. These are great for holiday gift giving! (Add a quality pen and a sheet of postage stamps and you have created a unique and thoughtful gift.) You may not feel comfortable taking packs to sell to neighbors, friends, coworkers and extended family members, but do have a conversation, and let them know that; they are available, they were painted by the pastor, they were printed in York, and that their donation supports the food pantry which provides food for the hungry in our neighborhood. By so doing you are bearing witness to the ministry carried out in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord.