Corners of Your Field

Corners of Your Field is a partnership opportunity between local churches and LifePath Christian Ministries. Please remember to donate your no longer needed items to Life Path Thrift Stores.  Corners of Your Field encourages attendees of our partner churches to be intentional about selecting their gently used household items as a donation to LifePath Thrift Stores. The stores then return a portion of the value of these items in the form of gift cards to your church to help those directly in your care.

How Does the Partnership Work?
*Individuals or families donate their gently used items to LifePath Thrift Stores (formerly York Rescue Mission). Three locations: 2414 Eastern Boulevard, 283 West Market Street, and 241 Pauline Drive.
*The LifePath Thrift Stores employee serving them will ask the name of their church. (St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 25 W Springettsbury Ave, York). We need to be specific as there are multiple St. Paul’s Lutheran Churches.
*Quarterly, the church will receive gift cards to LifePath Thrift Stores that can be given to anyone who comes to the church in need.
*Donors are still able to take advantage of the tax-deduction with every gift to LifePath Thrift Stores.  St. Paul’s is signed up to partner with LifePath. Please keep LifePath in mind when you are cleaning out/decluttering. Visit for additional information.