Corners of Your Field

Corners of Your Field is a partnership opportunity between local churches and Lifepath Christian Ministries. Corners of Your Field encourages attendees of our partner churches to be intentional about selecting their gently used household items as a donation to LifePath Thrift Stores. The stores then return a portion of the value of these items in the form of gift cards to your church to help those directly in your care.

How Does the Partnership Work?
*Individuals or families donate their gently used items to LifePath Thrift Stores (formerly York Rescue Mission). Three locations: 2414 Eastern Boulevard, 283 West Market Street, and 241 Pauline Drive.
*The LifePath Thrift Stores employee serving them will ask the name of their church. (St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 25 W Springettsbury Ave, York). We need to be specific as there are multiple St. Paul’s Lutheran Churches.
*Quarterly, the church will receive gift cards to LifePath Thrift Stores that can be given to anyone who comes to the church in need.
*Donors are still able to take advantage of the tax-deduction with every gift to LifePath Thrift Stores.  St. Paul’s is signed up to partner with LifePath. Please keep LifePath in mind when you are cleaning out/decluttering. Visit for additional information.