Donations can now be made electronically to the funds listed below by clicking on the following link:

*Weekly Offering

*Capital Campaign

Advent Offering – (God’s Barnyard Fundraiser)


Mpuguso/Konde Tanzania Congregation – Raise the Roof


Theological Education

Ukrainian Relief

*The Finance Committee felt it was important to let everyone know where your gifts are used.  Your weekly offering Current (Weekly/General) goes to fund our general operating expense which includes the monthly mortgage obligation.  Because the Capital Campaign officially ended, any giving marked or designated as Capital Campaign will be used to pay the monthly mortgage obligation.  At the end of the calendar year, the total Capital Campaign donation amount for the year that exceeds the monthly mortgage for the year will go to the bank as a reduction in principle.  For any giving or donations designated for Principal Reduction will be used to make principal only payments and any giving designated for Mortgage will be used only toward paying the monthly mortgage payment.

If you need help with setting up electronic giving or have any questions, please contact Peter O’Conor.