Covid Guidelines

Come and worship with us in our completely renovated beautiful building.  We are very fortunate to have a new HVAC system which can bring fresh air in from the outdoors and not keep recycling the same air.

There are guidelines for Worship during the time of COVID-19 which need to be followed by everyone.  We have been meeting and making plans to cautiously proceed opening and offering programs  for everyone to be involved.  We want everyone to be safe and comfortable before returning to worship services.  For those who are worshiping at home, we post the morning service to Facebook (St. Paul’s Lutheran Church York PA on Springettsbury & George) and the church website (  St. Paul’s has a COVID-19 task force who is assisting us as we remain open at St. Paul’s.

Guidelines for Worship during the time of COVID-19 need to be followed by everyone and are shown below:

Guidelines for Worship during the time of COVID-19

Hand Sanitizer is available in the Narthex and the Good Shepherd Gathering area.

Entering and Leaving the Church:  Face masks are required inside.  Kindly sign in at the door through which you entered. This will help if we need to be in contact.  Please take your service bulletin with you and dispose of it properly.

Offerings:  Monetary offerings may be placed in the basins provided at the entrances to the nave prior to the service or immediately following the service. You may also donate via our website at

While in the Nave:  Please wear your mask. Please sit in designated pews only. You may sit together as a family. We ask that you practice social distancing from one family to the next within the pew.

Communion Procedure:

The Pastor cleanses hands and prepares for the distribution of Holy Communion.

•Ushers will direct you. The pulpit side (left) of the nave communes first followed by the font side (right).

•Wearing your face mask, come to the chancel step taking your place at one of the five positions marked on the chancel floor with a green cross.

•Your entire household may gather at a position marked by the green cross

.•Extend your arms and cup your hands together to receive the host.

•Please do not reach out to take the Host from the minister.

•Once the minister has moved to the next group, then remove your mask, receive the host, replace your mask and return to your pew by the closest side aisle. There is no need to hurry.

•We are receiving communion in one kind only (bread/host).

Our COVID-19 task force is assisting us as we remain open at St. Paul’s.  Please thank Dr. Jessica Ericson, Sheridan Palmer, Deacon Harold Sargeant, and Dr. Martha Thomas for their dedication and service.