Adult Eduction

Adult Faith Formation Fall 2019

From September 15 through October 20 there are two course offerings for adults.

The first option is a study of the book October 31, 1517 written by Martin E. Marty. The class explores the events leading up to the Reformation of the 16th century and the aftermath. The class is held on the Main Level in Christ Hall with Jim Kapoun leading the class. Copies of the book are available in the Good Shepherd Room for those who plan to attend and want to begin reading the text.

The second option is for those interested in our faith community. The class explores the events leading up to the formation of St. Paul’s congregation in 1836 and the aftermath. The class is held on the Lower Level Community Room #4 with Pastor Reep leading. This class also serves as a new member class for anyone wishing to unite with our faith community on Reformation Sunday, October 27.

September 15  –  October 1517; An Invitation & Repentance &

St. Paul’s; Early Beginnings

September 22  –  October 1517; Penance & Justification &

St. Paul’s; Building on Faith

September 29  –  October 1517; Conflict & Repentance  &

St. Paul’s; Lutheran History

October 6  –  October 1517; Change of Heart & Diversity  &

St. Paul’s; Chief Sacraments

October 13  –  October 1517; Reconciled & Sacraments  &

St. Paul’s; Key Leaders

October 20  –  October 1517; Can One Day Change the World?  &

St. Paul’s; Extending God’s Embrace

October 27  –  Reformation Breakfast begins at 9:00 AM –Fellowship Hall  –  Join in fellowship as we welcome new members & reconnect with friends

Personal Devotions – St. Paul’s has the daily devotional called “Christ In Our Home”.  This little book comes out quarterly and has a daily reading, lesson and prayer for every day.  Please feel free to get a copy from Patee.  Do you prefer reading on an electronic device?  You can sign up for the devotional God Pause from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It will come to your email every day!  Click on the following link:  Both devotionals use the readings for the upcoming Sunday.