Adult Eduction

 Sunday Morning Adult Education 2018

During the months of May, June, July and August, no adult classes will be held.  All classes will resume again fall of 2018.

Below is a sampling of what the Adult Education Class discussed during winter/spring of 2018:

 January 7-February 11

Sunday Morning Discussions

We discussed Christian perspectives on everyday life using a video series called Nooma.  Discussion topics included:  How to love those with who we disagree?  Do our lives have meaning?  What truly matters in life?  Does God answer prayers?  These sessions were facilitated by Rhada Hartman and Patty Snyder.

February 18-March 18

Lenten Series with Pastor Snyder

Where Does God Hide in the World, and Where Do We See and Know God?  During the Lenten journey we thought about our experience of God in presence and absence, in community and solitude, hidden and revealed.  We examined Scripture, what Luther and other Christian theologians and writers had to examine Scripture, what Luther and other Christian theologians and writers had to say, and thought about our own experience.  Some kept a journal of reflections and added to it during the week.  We also picked a watch word for each week to round out our thinking and reflection.

February 18-March 18

New Member’s Classes with Pastor Reep

A new member’s class was held during the season of Lent for those wishing to unite with the St. Paul’s congregation.  Pastor Reep lead the five week session covering basic tops of:  Sacraments, Lutheran Reformation, Church History, Ministry at St. Paul’s and on Palm Sunday 22 new members were received into our congregation.  Please contact the Church office if you would like information about becoming a member of St. Paul’s.

Personal Devotions – St. Paul’s has the daily devotional called “Christ In Our Home” for January, February, and March available on a cart in the narthex while construction is continuing.  This little book comes out quarterly and has a daily reading, lesson and prayer for every day.  Please feel free to take a copy.  Do you prefer reading on an electronic device?  You can sign up for the devotional God Pause from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It will come to your email every day!  Click on the following link:  Both devotionals use the readings for the upcoming Sunday.