Adult Eduction

Adult Education Summer 2019

During the summer months our adult class plans topics that can be covered in one Sunday session.  We do that so that those who travel over a Sunday or two will not miss out on a large section of material.  We have put together a lively and thought provoking array of subjects  Leaders of the class will vary week to week.  Topics to be discussed will vary too.  What will remain the same is the meeting time from 9:15-10:15 a.m. each Sunday and we will meet in Christ Hall.  Watch the Bulletin Board and the Sunday Bulletin for the summer schedule.

Information on the Fall 2019 Adult Education Program will be posted when it becomes available!

Personal Devotions – St. Paul’s has the daily devotional called “Christ In Our Home”.  This little book comes out quarterly and has a daily reading, lesson and prayer for every day.  Please feel free to get a copy from Patee.  Do you prefer reading on an electronic device?  You can sign up for the devotional God Pause from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It will come to your email every day!  Click on the following link:  Both devotionals use the readings for the upcoming Sunday.