Konde Devotions

Konde Devotions

In the spring of 2022, the Mpuguso Committee asked members of St. Paul’s to participate in a new endeavor. They asked members to contribute to a devotional booklet that would contain short devotions composed by and shared among the members of St. Paul’s congregation and the Mpuguso congregation. What they asked us to do is to think about our favorite Scripture verse or story. If we couldn’t pick a favorite, asked us to pick a Scripture verse or story that has been important to us. Then we were asked to quote that verse or identify that story and, in one-page or less, tell why this verse has been meaningful to us. What we would like to share with others about this verse and what it has meant to us? Our brother Elisha at Mpuguso is collecting devotional stories too and will be translating the devotions from members of Mpuguso Lutheran Church into English as well as St. Paul’s devotions into Swahili. Our hope was to merge St. Paul’s devotions and Mpuguso devotions into one devotional booklet for all to use during the Pentecost season. The booklet did not happen but during Pentecost a Konde Devotion has been posted each Sunday with the bulletin on the webpage and in an email to our members to read.  To make it easier, all of the Devotions are now posted below and will be added for each Sunday in Pentecost.  Thanks to all who joyfully shared in faith with our sisters and brothers here in York and in our sister congregation in Tanzania.

Devotions for Pentecost listed below with the persons name and church that submitted.  Just click on the date you would like to view.

Konde Devotions 8-21-22 – Gordon Mwasakifwa,  Mpuguso Lutheran Church

Konde Devotions 8-14-22 — Kathryn Garber, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

.Konde Devotions 8-7-22 — Janet Fitch, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Konde Devotions 7-31-22 — Jeff Riese, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Konde Devotions 7-24-22 — Beatrice Temu, Mpuguso Lutheran Church

Konde Devotions  7-17-22  —  Deacon Harold Sargeant, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Konde Devotions 7-10-22  —  Aneth Sanga, Mpuguso Lutheran Church 

Konde Devotions 7-3-22  —  Pastor William C. Snyder, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

 Konde Devotions 6/26/22  —  Fredy Mfweya, Mpuguso Lutheran Church 

Konde Devotions 6-19-22  —  Joe Moyer, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Konde Devotions 6/12/22 – The Week of Trinity  —  Elisha Mwamwaja, Mpuguso Lutheran Church