Companion Synod and Congregation in Tanzania


Our mission globally is enriched through a warm relationship with our companion synod, the Konde Diocese in Tanzania. Bishop Edmiston of our Lower Susquehanna Synod was very active in forming the link between our two parts of God’s world. He and many of his committee have visited Tanzania; in return, Bishop Israel Peter Mwakiloye and others from the Konde Diocese have traveled to Pennsylvania to meet and worship with our congregations here. This is an ongoing project and one which has brought wonderful friendships.

St. Paul’s itself has also cultivated a healthy Christian relationship with our sister congregation  within the Konde Diocese, Mpuguso Lutheran Church. The congregations have exchanged visits on many occasions over the past decades.

The Mpuguso Committee has announced an upcoming trip to Tanzania scheduled for July 2020.  It is being planned by our Synod’s Konde Committee.

Through our fund-raising and support, Konde Diocese has been able to build and sustain a secondary school, provide scholarships to college for children of Lutheran pastors there, build a dormitory for secondary school girls so that they are safe while going to school.  A special offering enabled the purchase of a motorbike so that the minister could visit parishioners living at a distance.

Money from the 2015 Cookie Walk ($1,800) was used by Omega Allen for his third and final year of training to become a Clinical Officer in our Konde Diocese hospital.

Pastor George Mwakanyamaie from Konde Diocese, Tanzania, Africa visited St. Paul’s September 2016 bringing us greetings from Tanzania.

The Cookie Walk has been a vital part of our support of numerous projects in our sister congregation and without your generosity mission projects such as this would never come to fruition.  This project has involved more volunteers than any other ministry of our congregation.  You make a big difference by baking and donating or purchasing cookies. This year the proceeds will fund the education of Ansajiye Njinga as a Clinical Medical Officer in Tanzania.  Ansajiye has promised to serve in the Konde Diocese when her training is complete.  Medical care is critically needed in Tanzania.  Through our cookie baking we impact the lives of hundreds of people needing medical care.  The proceeds from the 2017 Cookie Walk were over $2700 which will be used for the medical education of Ansajiye Njinga.  She will provide medical care to her local community when she completes the necessary classes and training.  Thank you to all who participated in one way or another.

Since 1969, Machame Lutheran Hospital has hosted and operated a school to train clinical officers.  Where ever you go in Tanzania and beyond you will meet graduates of this program.  This is a three year program.  Training is provided on all aspects of medicine appropriate for clinical officers.  Graduates receive a Diploma as Clinical Officers from the Ministry of Health and is offered under the University of Dar es Salaam.  Each year 45-50 students are admitted and begin their training.  Most are from Tanzania, but students have come from across Africa.

The Clinical Officer model is the most well known medical profession in East Africa and in other parts of Africa.  It is comprised of a three-year training program, which prepares clinicians to work in rural areas especially at the health centre level.  Although Clinical Officers play a huge role in the Tanzanian health system, it was soon recognized that there was a need for a more advanced health care provider that would have the clinical skills to perform emergency surgery and provide other essential services at the health center and hospital levels.   This need led to the establishment of the Assistant Medical Officer cadre.  They work in the district hospitals, health centres and health training institutions.  Ansajiye will be trained as a Clinical Officer, in what is analogous to a Clinical Practitioner here.