Christmas Cookie Walk

Companion Synod and Congregation in Tanzania

The annual Christmas Cookie Walk is the soul support for our mission project in Tanzania and all proceeds are used to underwrite the cost of education and books for a medical officer in Africa.

The 10th annual Christmas Cookie Walk was held December 8, 2019 and we were able to raise $2,222.00 for our medical scholarship for Ansajiye Njinga to complete her Associate’s Degree.  Thanks to all for helping to support our Mpuguso Ministry. 

The Clinical Medical Officer program is a three-year training program which prepares clinicians to work in rural areas of Africa including health centers and district hospitals.  Ansajiya has promised to serve in the Konde Diocese for 7 years when her training is complete.

Through our Cookie Walk we impact the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Konde Diocese and Mpuguso Lutheran Church in Tanzania along with other people in that area needing medical care. 

Thank you to all of our bakers, volunteers, Scout Troop 19 and their help and our customers year after year.  Without your help and generosity, the Cookie Walk would not be possible and we would not be able to provide this mission work in Tanzania. Thanks for helping us to support Ansajive and the training she needs to help others in the Konde Diocese.

Click here to learn more about the medical program in Tanzania that Ansajive Njinga will be attending…