Companion Synod and Congregation in Tanzania


Our mission globally is enriched through a warm relationship with our companion synod, the Konde Diocese in Tanzania. Bishop Edmiston of our Lower Susquehanna Synod was very active in forming the link between our two parts of God’s world. He and many of his committee have visited Tanzania; in return, Bishop Israel Peter Mwakiloye and others from the Konde Diocese have traveled to Pennsylvania to meet and worship with our congregations here. This is an ongoing project and one which has brought wonderful friendships.

St. Paul’s itself has also cultivated a healthy Christian relationship with our sister congregation  within the Konde Diocese, Mpuguso Lutheran Church. The congregations have exchanged visits on many occasions over the past decades.

Though our fund-raising and support, Konde Diocese has been able to build and sustain a secondary school, provide scholarships to college for children of Lutheran pastors there, build a dormitory for secondary school girls so that they are safe while going to school.  A special offering enabled the purchase of a motorbike so that the minister could visit parishioners living at a distance.

More than $1,800 was raised at our annual Christmas Cookie Walk in 2015.  This money is being used by Omega Allen for his third and final year of training to become a Clinical Officer in our Konde Diocese hospital.  This was all made possible thanks to our bakers, volunteers, Troop 19, and all those who purchased cookies at our annual Christmas Cookie Walk.

Pastor George Mwakanyamaie from Konde Diocese, Tanzania, Africa visited St. Paul’s September 2016 bringing us greetings from Tanzania.

The history of our congregation’s ministry in the Konde Diocese in Tanzania and our sister congregation Mpuguso will be presented to the Adult Sunday School on November 20, 2016 at 9:15 a.m. in the Chapel.

Three members of our parish will tell the story.

Dr. John Monk will tell of his visit to the Diocese and other areas of Tanzania using a series of pictures taken during Kathy’s and his journey while visiting their daughter, Elizabeth, who served in the Peace Corps.

Joe Moyer will tell of the history of our parish’s several ministries in the diocese and Mpuguso.

The Cookie Walk has been a vital part of our support of numerous projects in our sister congregation, and Mike Hanson will present that exciting story.  This project has involved more volunteers than any other ministry of our congregation.  Our Cookie Walk is set for Saturday, December 10, 2016 and the Mpuguso Committee will be asking you to bake cookies for this vital cause.   Click to see more regarding Cookie Walk…