Annual Repts

The Annual Meeting of the congregation is an important part of our life together as sisters and brothers in Christ.  It is the time when we conduct business, elect leaders for various aspects of our ministry and mission, and share our collective hopes and dreams for our family of faith.  This year the meeting was held Sunday, November 20, 2016.  The Fellowship Committee prepared a delicious luncheon.  At this meeting, the 2017 budget was presented for adoption, elections were conducted for:  Council members, the Benevolent Committee, and Voting Members to the 2017 Synod Assembly and members for the Mutual Ministry Committee.  Updates on current projects and ministries will be shared by various committees and groups within our congregation.  The most recent information regarding the congregation’s renewal through the proposed renovations was presented.  The Stewardship Committee had the 2017 church offering envelope boxes prepared and ready for distribution.  Through this annual meeting, you were given the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the more recent members of our faith community.  Please make every effort to take an active role in the life of our St. Paul’s Church congregation by participating in the Annual Meeting.


At the annual meeting elections were held and positions filled by the following members.

Congregation Council 3 year Term:  Tim Yakim (2nd term), Mary Heilig, Greg Smith, Tristan Ericson, Ray Gordon, Karla Dentler, Matthew Yinger

Benevolence Committee 3 year term:  Amber Dull

Mutual Ministry Committee 3 year term:  Scott Herdson, Linda Nestor, Tonya Cave (completes 2 years

2016 Synod Voting Members:  Rob Carpenter, Wendy Carpenter, Denise Rider; Synod Alternate:  Eric Haupt

The Annual Reports for the individual Committees within St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for 2016 were presented and are available on St. Paul’s Website.