St. Paul’s Preschool

St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool

St. Pauls Preschool Prepares for Opening Day!

Members of the preschool team have been preparing their rooms in anticipation of a new academ-
ic year. With bulletin boards brightened up with new paper and patterned boarders, and toys unpacked from summer storage, and tables and chairs neatly arranged, class rooms await eager children. Having completed last year with ongoing COVID19 strategies the teaching team is ready to begin yet again.  Health and safety plans are in place and energy levels are high.

The preschool opens on Thursday September 9 with parent orientation. This will all be conducted
while observing our pandemic protocols. The day of orientation helps parents transition as they prepare to have their child begin taking the first steps in what will hopefully become lifelong learning. While covering the basics of drop off and pick up and sickness and snack, parents are reminded of the importance of their childs socialization and of the importance of weekly chapel services with Pastor Reep.  After meeting the staff and seeing the beautiful classrooms, parents will be ready to send their children to St. Pauls Preschool for the first day of class on Monday September 13.

This year we have one class section of our terrific twos on Monday/Wednesday. We have en-
rolled students for two class sections of our tremendous threes, Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/
Thursday, and one small combined group on Friday. We have enrolled students for one class of fabulous fours, Monday through Thursday. We are delighted to receive late enrollments, so if you know of someone seeking a preschool experience for their child, please have them call 7178541996 and speak with our Director, Deb Becker.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about St. Pauls Lutheran Church Preschool,
please check out their website or call the director. We are ready to begin another year of growing together in grace.

Registrations for the 2021-2022 school year are still be accepted.  Hopefully, we will once again have full enrollment.  Children must be the appropriate age by August 31st.

You can also register online

Members of St. Paul’s receive a discount as do families who have two or more children enrolled.  All of the classrooms have been newly renovated and new security put into place.  For additional information or questions regarding the preschool, please contact Mrs. Becker, Preschool Director.

A link to the Preschool Webpage is located at the bottom of this page.

Shown below are pictures of the new classrooms:

The preschool is continuing to enjoy and benefit from the renovated classrooms.  They are delighted to have bathrooms in their classrooms.  The teachers find they are more educational instruction time now that they are not distracted by trips to the hall for the bathroom.  They also are better able to prepare the children to be independent in preparation for Kindergarten.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool was established in 1964 as a kindergarten.  When kindergarten became part of public school education, the ministry shifted to focus on early childhood development in the form of a preschool.

Every year in December we receive a gift that keeps on giving.  We receive a distribution payment for early childhood education from St. Paul’s investment in the York County Community Foundation.  This fund enhances the ministry of our preschool in many ways:

Field Trips

Afternoon Enrichment at PM Pals


Toys for the Gym and Playground

Educational Supplies

Through the endowment underwriting the types of things mentioned above, we are able to keep our tuition costs affordable for our families.

We continue to discover the connections between early childhood development and life long learning. As we do so, we take time to reflect upon our program that has been building and growing for over 50 years. We are blessed to have such a dedicated and caring staff. We are blessed too in that we are able to minister in the name of Christ Jesus to the children. Each week the children in the 3 and 4 year old classes participate in chapel services. These times of prayer, praise and scripture reading become an important time of spiritual formation for the children. For those children who are being raised in a Christian family, we provide reinforcement and support for our faith tradition. For those children who do not have any religious background, we provide an arena for them to encounter Christ Jesus through the reading of scripture, songs and prayer.   Christian education should always be a priority in our life together.

The preschool provides a vibrant addition to the congregation’s ministry in York.

For more information on registration and staff members, please visit the Preschool’s web site