St. Paul’s Gallery

St. Paul’s Gallery is new and improved…..  The pictures are now posted as mini galleries by event.  To enlarge the pictures for better viewing,  click on the picture you wish to view and it will be enlarged.  To view all of the pictures in a gallery start by clicking the picture at the top left corner and then you can press the > to the right of the picture and view the complete slideshow for that event.  When finished with each gallery click on the x (small white x in top right corner on the black) and all of the galleries will show up again.  Enjoy!

Palm Sunday 2021

Christ is Risen!  He Is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia!  – Spring Has Sprung at St. Paul’s 2020

On-Line Services Every Sunday on Facebook!  Pictures taken by Pastor Reep the end of April 2020.  When will we reconvene and those seats will be filled???? 

Renovated Pantry November 2019

Harvest Wine Dinner and Auction, October 19, 2019 – Wow!  What a great event!  Approximately 115 people enjoyed a delicious 5-course dinner prepared by Brandon Hufnagel, chef of  the Glen Rock Mill Inn.  Each course had a wine paired to enhance the flavor of the food.  There was a silent auction of donated items and a live auction to sell the paintings donated by Pastor Reep.  The evening started out in the Good Shepherd Gathering Area with Hors d’ oeuvres, viewing of the paintings in the Sanctuary, and then a tour of the Food Pantry, and ending up in the Fellowship Hall for Soup, Salad, Entree, Dessert, Silent Auction, and Live Auction.  The evening was a huge success.  Those who were there left the event knowing of St. Paul’s Food Pantry ministry, the congregation’s outreach to the community, and knowing they all helped to support the Food Pantry renovations.  Thank you to all that attended.  It is our hope that everyone enjoyed the evening! 

Second Sunday Sandwiches – October 13, 2019


The following pictures were taken at Acolyte Training in September and proved to be a delightful time as the children of the congregation prepared themselves for this important service.  As they each take part in the Sunday liturgy, please remember to thank them for serving God and the congregation.  Encouraging and supportive words go a long way in strengthening Christian faith.


Vacation Bible School – “Who Is My Neighbor”


The Resurrection of Our Lord/Easter Sunday 2019

Holy Saturday/Vigil of Easter 2019

The Vigil of Easter begins with a new fire.  We gather at the Garden of Memory.  From this place associated with death we begin the third portion of the Triduum.  The Vigil of Easter is the first celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection.  We move into the darkened church where we hear salvation history recounted through a series of readings from Holy Scripture.  The sacrament of Holy Baptism is celebrated.  Prayers are offered.  We make the transition from darkness to light, from death to resurrection as the first hymn of Easter is sung.  The Easter gospel is read, Holy Communion celebrated and we joyfully take our leave anticipating the full glorious celebration of Easter on Sunday morning after refreshments.

Egg Hunt 2019


Easter Story Vignettes – Parents and Children worked together to create their own Easter Vignette with marshmallow Easter peeps, bunnies and other yummy supplies which they were able to take home to eat.- 2019