St. Paul’s Gallery

St. Paul’s Gallery is new and improved…..  The pictures are now posted as mini galleries by event.  To enlarge the pictures for better viewing,  click on the picture you wish to view and it will be enlarged.  To view all of the pictures in a gallery start by clicking the picture at the top left corner and then you can press the > to the right of the picture and view the complete slideshow for that event.  When finished with each gallery click on the x (small white x in top right corner on the black) and all of the galleries will show up again.  Enjoy!

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York College Concert and Reception






Cookie Walk







Gingerbread Manger Workshop

Intergenerational Advent Workshop

Annual Meeting Luncheon Held in Christ Hall


Preschool Trick or Treating in Good Shepherd Gathering Area

Senior Luncheon

Prayer Shawl Blessing

Second Sunday Sandwiches October

Sunday School Class Learning about Our Sister Congregation Mpuguso Lutheran Church.  We Carried Water on our Heads, Drew Pictures and Wrote Letters to Send to Mpuguso and Marched to “The Light of God”


Distribution of Age Appropriate Bibles to Our Infants and Youth

Second Sunday Sandwiches and Pastor Reep’s 30th Anniversary of his Ordination

 Vacation Bible School

Lakeside Stories with Jesus:  Family Excursion

Earth Day Project

Youth Activities in April

Eagle Scout Ceremony and 100 Year Anniversary Celebration Scout Troop 19

Easter Sunday

Pictures from The Vigil of Easter, Holy Saturday, Baptism, Vigil Feast


Egg Hunt

Palm Sunday Procession and Reception of New Members

Children’s Sermon – Burial of the Alleluia Until Easter