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Tuesday Evening Ministry Virtual for All Ages
Create, the Tuesday evening youth and family ministry night at St. Paul’s has gone Virtual to keep everyone safe and is for all ages.  As we plan, we have kept in mind many different options and configurations during this time of pandemic. Miss Kelly planned crafts and art projects based on the three themes for fall: Leaves to place on a tree for the healing of the Nations, Self-portraits for All Saints, and Crowns for Christ the King.
Miss Kelly and Victor are making a video based on Christ the King Sunday.  The videos will guide the children through creating a crown with Miss Kelly and creating rhythms with texts and words from scripture and psalms using household and kitchen items as percussion instruments with Victor.  These videos will be posted on St. Paul’s Facebook page and our church website on Tuesday, November 10. The crosses for Christ the King Sunday, November 15 will help us focus on the Lord of our life and his gentle rule.
On December 1, a Gingerbread Nativity video with Christmas music will be posted.  Gingerbread kits will be available for families to take home on Sundays, November 15, 22 & 29.  Please call or email Ms. Kelly by November 1 as to how many kits you need for your household.  This is a family and youth event.  Some of you have made gingerbread houses with Miss Kelly in the past.  The creativity has been amazing and the best part was taking it home to eat and enjoy with your family.  Join us and make a sweet delicious scene based on God’s sweet love for us!
For the Healing of the Nations –Children and adults created leaves to be placed on our tree “for the healing of the nations” based on the Revelation 22 text. The tree with the leaves made by the children was featured on Sunday, October 18 in conjunction with the St. Luke Healing service.
Click on the first picture to enlarge and a slideshow of all of the pictures will appear.
All Saints & Sinners – Children and adults completed blind contour self-portraits discovering new things about how you appear for All Saints Liturgy.    The pictures were drawn without looking in the mirror.  The drawings are on display in the Springettsbury lobby.
Miss Kelly and Victor are trying to navigate under these extraordinary circumstances.  They are always looking for new and creative ways to reach our families.  The goal is to stay connected and maintain some elements of normalcy.
As we navigate under these extraordinary circumstances, we are always looking for new and creative ways to reach our families. The goal is to stay connected and maintain some elements of normalcy. What makes church special to Miss Kelly is the people. She misses talking to the children and hearing about their week and she misses the smiles, hugs, jokes, high fives, and their laughter. Most of the children’s activities have moved online through videos and Zoom. One way you can prepare for these activities is to create an art box with supplies that are needed. Look around your house for supplies, the art box can be filled with your child’s favorite crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, scissors, paper, tape, and any other supplies they like to use. Make sure their Bible is available as there is always a Bible story for them to follow along with.
Packets have been created for the children and youth to use during worship service. If Miss Kelly does not hand one to your child, please ask her for one. To keep them germ free they are not sitting out. If you would like to receive these packets for use at home, please contact Miss Kelly and she will be glad to see that you get them.
Keep sending those videos and pictures of the children being creative! We love to see their smiling faces and the work that they create!