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 Upcoming Children and Youth Family Events

Tuesday Evening Ministry Coming in October
Create, the Tuesday evening youth and family ministry night at St. Paul’s, will resume in October. As we plan we have kept in mind many different options and configurations during this time of pandemic. Miss Kelly will be doing craft and art projects based on the three themes for fall: Leaves to place on a tree for the healing of the Nations, Self-portraits for All Saints, Crowns for Christ the King. Keep the Beat, percussion based music making sessions will be led by Mr. Fields. Families will be able to pick and choose the components in which they wish to enroll. There will be three two week units. The reservation sheet will clarify who will be doing what with whom! Please enter through the Springettsbury Avenue entrance. Hand sanitizer is available in the Good Shepherd room, at the top of the stairwell on the Upper Level, and inside the music room. In addition to these fall opportunities we are planning for another Family Gingerbread Nativity making night on December 1st. Please complete the reservation form and return it to the church office so that preparations as well as health and safety precautions may be made. For additional information on the programs listed below please contact Miss Kelly or Mr. Fields.
Reservations form/Tuesday Evening Ministry
Name of Household _____________________________________________
Number of participants _________
October 6 & 13, 6:00-6:45 PM
_____For the Healing of the Nations –Children Kindergarten through second grade will meet on the Upper Level with Miss Kelly. They will create leaves to be placed on our tree “for the healing of the nations” based on the Revelation 22 text. The tree with the leaves made by the children will be featured on Sunday, October 18 in conjunction with the St. Luke Healing service.
_____Keep the Beat –Youth grades three through six will meet in the Music Room (perhaps outside weather permitting) with Mr. Fields. Please bring a bucket, pot or pan and a wooden spoon. They will be used in making music. We have other percussion instruments that will be used too! The sessions will help us prepare to make some music for Sunday, October 18.
October 20 & 27, 6:00 –6:45 PM
_____All Saints & Sinners –Children Kindergarten through second grade will meet in the Music Room on the Main Level with Mr. Fields. The children will prepare a percussive selection to enliven worship on Sunday, November 1.
_____All Saints & Sinners -Youth grades three through six will meet with Miss Kelly in the Youth Room on the Upper Level. Blind contour self-portraits will provide a creative release as we discover new things about how we appear. The projects will be on display in the church for the All Saints Liturgy on November 1st.
November 10 & 17, 6:00 –6:30 PM
_____Crowns for the King –Children Kindergarten through second grade will meet with Miss Kelly in the Youth Room on the Upper Level. Making crowns to place around the cross for Christ the King Sunday, November 15- will help us focus on the Lord of our life and his gentle rule.
_____A Royal Beat –Youth grades three through six will meet in the Music Room with Mr. Fields. With spirited percussion the music making will be fit for King Jesus!
December 1, 6:00 –6:30 PM
_____Family Gingerbread Nativity –This is a children, youth and family event. Everything needed to construct a gingerbread nativity scene will be provided. Each family will work at a designated table. Based on registration this event may be held in Christ Hall on the Main Level or in Fellowship Hall on the Lower Level. Come and hear the Christmas story and make a sweet delicious scene based on God’s sweet love for us.