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 Upcoming Children and Youth Family Events

Gods Work our HandsSeptember 12, 2021

Annually the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) observes Gods Work our Handson the second Sunday of September.  Over the years we have used our hands to; clean up trash and debris littering the neighborhood, prepare health kits to give aid to those in disaster struck regions, and assemble school kits for children in developing nations. This year our focus is on the need for water, especially drinkable water, to sustain communities in places that are suffering from drought and lack infrastructure. In the spirit of water and wells and baptismal grace, a variety of water activities will comprise the Sunday school time (9:1510:15 AM) on September 12. We will be receiving special offerings for the work of Lutheran World Relief and their efforts to supply water, wells, and irrigation so that people, communities, flocks and crops can flourish. Please plan to attend this special outdoor Sunday school session. You may wish to bring a towel to dry off or absorb any excess water you may encounter along the way! Activities are planned for children and their parents. A combination of water relays, balloon toss and water games will center us on the importance of water in  our lives and how important water is for daily life. The Fellowship Committee will serve refreshments. All offerings received will be given to the work of Lutheran World Relief. Plan on taking part in Gods Work our Handseven if it means you get a little bit wet!

Presentation of BiblesSunday September 12, 2021
The Christian Education Committee will present children and youth with Bibles on Sunday September 12 during the Sunday Liturgy. Infants new to the congregation will receive the First Stories of Jesus, a beginning Bible board book. Students entering First grade will be presented the Paraclete Bible for Kids. Students entering Fourth grade will be presented the Adventure Bible. Students entering Seventh grade will be presented the NRSV Student Bible. Our hope as a faith community is that by placing in the hands of our children versions of the Bible that are age appropriate, we may get our young people more engaged in reading and discussing Bible stories. It is important for us to honestly use our Bibles. They should show signs of wear and use. The
Reformation of the 16th century encouraged Christian people to read and study the Bible. Please be present in worship on Sunday September 12 to show your support and to give your encouragement to the children and youth of our congregation as they learn and grow in Gods grace.

September 19, 2021, Sunday Morning Classes Begin

At the time of writing this information, classes are scheduled to be in person.  Watch your email for any changes that may occur due to covid. 

Children up to grade 3 will meet in the church nave at 9:15 AM where Pastor Reep will lead the bible story of the day. Following the story, children will be dismissed to their classrooms. See below for more information. This story time will also be live streamed on YouTube for those unable to come in person.

The age groupings for classes are as follows:
Infantpreschool Kindergarden1st grade 2nd3rd grade

Children in grades 46 will go directly to their classroom at 9:15 AM to meet their teachers for the story and learning activities. This group will be studying one of the Bible lessons heard during the Sunday service.

Spark family magazine provides ways for you to talk about God and Jesus with your children. St. Pauls subscribes to this magazine for our families with young children sending it directly to your home. The third quarter issue arrived in August. Take time to read the stories with your children and try out some of the activities.  Enjoy growing in faith together. (If you are not receiving this magazine, simply call the church office and asked to be added to the subscription list.)

Sunday School Opening Devotions and Bible StoryLive Stream at 9:15 AM
As a way to teach Gods love through Bible stories, Pastor Reep will present a weekly story at the be-
ginning of Sunday School from September 19 through November 14. The story will start promptly at 9:15 AM because it will be live streamed. If you can attend in person, please be in the church nave ready to start. The hope is that not only St. Pauls families who may not be able to attend in person, or who may be away, or children enrolled in our preschool, or friends and neighbors you may have and for whom there isnt any known Christian education, this will be a way to engage in a Bible story extending Gods love. Please share this information! It can also be accessed through our YouTube channel
St. Paul’s Lutheran church South George St. York YouTube so that folks can watch if necessary at a later time.

September 19 Beginnings, Creation, Genesis 1

September 26 Protection, Building Noahs Ark, Genesis 6

October 3 Promise, Abrams Call, Genesis12

October 10 Visitors, Abraham and Sarahs Visitors, Genesis 17&18

October 17 Blessings, Isaacs Blessing, Genesis 25 &27

October 24 Freedom, Free from Slavery, Exodus 5

October 31 Making a Way, Crossing the Red Sea, Exodus 14

November 7 Life, Ten Commandments, Exodus 20

November 14 Barriers, Jericho, Joshua 6

Tuesday Evening Ministry
CREATE will be held on Tuesday evenings beginning September 14 through November 15, 2021.
Miss Kelly is looking forward to seeing everyone for in person and Zoom CREATE this fall.  Cody Messersmith and Miss Kelly are planning fun rehearsals and activities for ages 2-Kindergarten and Grade 1-6.  We will be following St. Paul’s Covid Committee guidelines and are asking everyone to wear a mask.
During the month of September, children Age 2-Kindergarten will learn the stories about Creation, Adam & Eve and Noah.  Each week along with the story they will participate in a creative activity.  Children Grade 1 through 6 will learn the first 3 Commandments.  They will read the commandment from the Bible and then participate in an activity that will help in understanding the commandment.
If any parents are willing to help with the story and activity time, please let Miss Kelly know as she will be navigating doing both in person and Zoom at the same time.
If your child is interested in participating in CREATE please contact Miss Kelly.

Worship Resources

Are you worshiping at home alone or with your family? Here is a way to involve your children.  When the bulletin is sent each week in an email from church, a copy of the Children’s Bulletin is included.  There is an older and younger version.  The resource supports the Bible lessons heard in church each week.  Print enough for each of your children and have them ready for when you worship together at home.  Use them as discussion starters about the Bible lessons and living as Christian.

Keep sending those videos and pictures of the children being creative! We love to see their smiling faces and the work that they create!