Bible Study

Our weekly Wednesday morning Bible study meets 10:30-11:30 a.m. in Christ Hall.  Deepen your worship through this time of study and reflection.  Come any time to discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday worship.  Attendance ranges from 10-18 people.  Regular attendance is not necessary.

Please enter the building through the Springettsbury Avenue lobby.

***Reminder that the first Wednesday of each month is street sweeping so please park in one of the lots and not on Springettsbury Avenue.


Small Groups for Bible Study and Devotional Reflection

Are you interested in meeting with a small group of people to discuss a book of the Bible or to share thoughts about daily devotions and prayer? One group is currently sharing thoughts on the readings from “Christ In Our Home.” This group decided to do this electronically instead of meeting in person. This way each person can write their thoughts at the time that works best for them. One person does their daily devotions first thing in the morning. Another person does it before going to bed. “This has been a great support for me as I read and pray each day. I get to hear other perspectives on the reading, I am challenged to keep up my daily devotions, and forgiven when I skip a few days. We also share personal challenges and pray for each other during the day.” If you are interested talk with Patty Snyder or Pastor Reep about possible ways to get started.