Becoming Involved

St. Paul’s New Members Class

During the season of Lent Pastor Reep leads a class for those seeking to unite with our family of faith at St. Paul’s. If you are interested in attending, please call the church office – 717-843-8155 or email us at  There is a new members class starting March 7 for the month of March at 9:15 a.m.  All are welcome!

Reception of New Members Sunday, November 8

The new member class held during the season of Lent was interrupted as we suspended Church activities. Now that we are resuming life together in person and through digital connections, we will officially welcome the following households to St. Paul’s.

Eric & Brianne Humple and their children, Blake, Ellie, Brynn, & Emmie; Michael & Kristin McKee and their children, Kennedy and Micah; Darren & Lauren Smith and their son, Henry; Angela Lauer and children, Dylan & Cecilia, Fred Rosenmiller and Phil Wysocki –

Welcome to St. Paul’s!

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Something is always going on at St. Paul’s!

Come to a Sunday Service and experience for yourself the sense of family in the congregation, the shared enthusiasm for Christ’s work, the beautiful music program (currently changed because of COVID), and the joy of worshiping God together.

There are myriad opportunities to join in Christian fellowship and community service at St. Paul’s.  We welcome you to join in any of the worship and/or secular activities which may be of interest to you.  You don’t have to be an official member of St. Paul’s to be involved in our worship services, fellowship, and serving.

Current volunteer opportunities are:

  1.  Food Pantry Volunteers are needed! We are continuing to experience a surge in families needing assistance through the Food Pantry.  We can use additional volunteers.  We are seeking folks who are not in the “at risk” category for COVID-19.  Simply notify Janet or Larry Moore if you can help on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning.  Our most critical need is with help on Tuesday mornings for the food distribution to our clients.   Simply call the church office if you can help!
  2.  Central Penn Food Bank delivers food products to us on select Thursday mornings each month.  Do you have a Thursday morning once a month to help unload and place food products in the pantry area that have been delivered by Central Penn Food Bank?

Victor is looking for volunteers to help catalog the music library.  Please contact him if you are able to help.  Requirements:  Computer with internet, an email account and any experience with Microsoft Excel.  Library catalog experience a plus but not necessary.

During COVID, we are in need of ushers.  The role of the Usher at St. Paul’s Church during the days of COVID-19 is radically different. What follows is a list of duties needing to be performed by the usher. If you are willing to serve as an usher during this time of COVID-19 please notify the church office so that you will be included in the scheduled rotation. We need experienced ushers, especially those who have the combination for the safe.

Before Worship

Please arrive 20 minutes before the service at which you are scheduled to serve.

Please wear a mask. Worshipers who do not have a mask may utilize a mask provided by the congregation. They are at each entrance/usher station (lower shelf of the credence table holding the offering basin). Remind those who use them to return them to the baskets marked “used” masks following the service so that they may be washed and prepared for use again.

Indoor worship requires a minimum of three ushers: George Street exterior red door, Playground/elevator exterior door, Springettsbury Avenue door. Open the door for all worshipers so that they do not need to touch the door pull. You will need to remain at the door through the “Order of Confession and Forgiveness” to insure late comers have easy access to the building.

Exterior worship requires a minimum of three ushers: one at each side of the lawn and one at the back. Simply think of the lawn as being the same configuration as the church nave. The orientation and altar will mimic what is indoors.

Assist worshipers with information regarding seating (which pews or keeping distance with lawn chairs) the use of the worship bulletin, and that offerings may be placed in the basins provided at the entrances indoors and by the usher stations outdoors.

During Worship

Be attentive to the worshipers and what they may need.

Guests may be provided an envelope containing a guest card and offering envelope.

Be seated near the door where you are scheduled to serve or at the usher station for the outside service.

Mind the offering basin. Worshipers may place a gift upon arrival or when they take their leave.

Once the liturgy has begun please stow the bulletin baskets so that used bulletins are not discarded into them when the service concludes.

At the distribution of Holy Communion inside the usher serving at the elevator entrance and the usher serving at the Good Shepherd entrance each take their places at the “communion position” closest to the door where they are serving. They will be among the first people to receive communion. The George Street Usher will work the center aisle directing worshipers to move forward to the chancel. The Pulpit side communes first, then the Baptismal Font side. This is important so that social distancing is maintained and no long line forms in the center aisle. There are 5 “communion positions” marked with a cross on the chancel floor. An entire household gathers at a communion position. After all who desire to receive communion have come to the chancel, then the George Street Usher takes her/his place at a “communion position.” This will indicate to the Pastor that all who desire the sacrament have received.

At the distribution of Holy Communion outside the people will move to the “communion positions” marked with chalk on the side walk surrounding the lawn. While the minister moves around the peri-meter of the lawn giving communion, the usher makes sure that the offering basins are secure.  The ushers may wish to place the three basins together and take turns communing and keeping watch over the financial gifts.

Following Worship

Offering basins must be collected and secured in the safe.

Secure plastic gloves from the Sexton. Collect all items, service bulletins, lost and found items from the pews. Dispose of the bulletins and debris. Place lost and found items on the server to the right of the Good Shepherd stained glass window.

Thank you for your willingness to serve during these challenging times. Your assistance is of great importance and is most appreciated. Please contact the Church Office if you can serve as usher.




“As the grains of wheat once scattered on the hill were gathered in to one to become our bread; so may all your people from all the ends of earth be gathered into one in You.”                   As the Grains of Wheat, Marty Haugen