2022 Calendars

We still have the 2022 American Heritage Calendar available for anyone who would like to have one The 2022 calendar features watercolor paintings by Pastor Reep and depict scenes from York County Pennsylvania farms, New England and Colonial Williamsburg.  The proceeds from the calendar sale and our third art auction which is being scheduled for October 8, 2022, where the original artwork is sold, helps to reduce the debt assumed with recent renovations for the Food Pantry and the Preschool.
Please take calendars with you to use as an evangelism tool to assist you in talking about the Lord, Christ Jesus, and the ministry that is carried out in his name through our congregation.  As Lutherans, it seems that we have trouble when it comes to talking about faith and life.  The good news is that you don’t have to use religious sounding language.  You simply need to use everyday words and tell the story.  The story we are telling is about feeding the hungry.  We do it week in and week out.  We took on debt to do it.  We are, as Jesus was and is, committed to feeding the hungry.  Would you like to be part of that?
A donation, some of your money, some of your time, has been given over to and for the work of ministry when you or someone you are talking with receives a calendar and makes a donation.  Honestly it doesn’t really matter the dollar amount.  The calendar provides a person with a concrete tangible item that will remind them implicitly every day for a year about the importance of feeding the hungry.  The story can be lengthened by telling about the art work, about the harvest dinner and auction, about the generosity of people giving.  And then you can bring it to a close reminding yourself or another of the generosity of God’s love of you and for you.  Please take calendars and tell the story of the food pantry and of God’s love.
Thank you for supporting this fundraising effort.
We continue to be inspired by the dedication, commitment and generosity of our volunteers, members and friends of St. Paul’s Church who answer the call and support outreach ministries as well as our vision that one day, no one will go hungry in our community.
Calendars can be picked up from the church office or can be ordered by sending the following order form to the church with payment enclosed.  Mail your order form to: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 25 West Springettsbury Avenue, York, PA  17403, Phone: 717-843-8155.
Calendar Order Form
Name:  _______________________________________
Address:  ______________________________________
Number of Calendars:  __________________
Cost/donation of $20.00/calendar Plus Postage – $2.00/each Calendar – Amount Enclosed __________________
Any questions you may have can be directed to St. Paul’s at 717-843-8155.
Enjoy your calendar and thank you for your support and helping defray the renovation expenses for the Food Pantry!