Pipe Organ & Piano’s

St. Paul’s Pipe Organ was built in 1941 by the Casavant Frères Company located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.  The organ consists of 3 manuals and pedals and has 73 stops, 62 ranks, and 3879 pipes.  St. Paul’s organ is the largest pipe organ in York.  Current and future repairs and additions are ongoing with the instrument.

In addition, the church sanctuary is home to a 1992 Steinway & Sons Model D Concert grand piano which is used for worship and in concerts and recitals.

The Chapel is home to a Steinway & Sons 2004 Essex 6’1” grand piano which is also used for worship, hymn singing and concerts.

1-webpage2014 amelia piano dedication1-webpage2014 victor, sarah, emily piano dedication

Photo’s from Dedication Program for the Chapel piano acquired by St. Paul’s from the Estate of Joseph Diorio.

The Choir room piano is a 1941 Steinway & Sons Model M.