P.M. Pals

Does your child have a flair for the dramatic?  Love singing and dancing?  Have a knack for languages?  Love karate?  Want to build with Bricks for Kids?  Enjoy cooking and gingerbread house making?  Let your child explore his or her unique talents or try something new during P.M. Pals.

This innovative program allows children to extend their preschool day until 2 p.m. for one, two or three days each week.  During P.M. Pals, students will engage in creative play, eat a packed lunch, listen to a story, and have a special enrichment section.  Creative and educational groups from the area, including Bricks for Kids, Greater York Dance, and Dreamwrights, as well as teachers trained in languages, music, and the arts come to the preschool to do age-appropriate activities with the children.  Children spend six weeks in each enrichment unit.  Units vary each year and may include languages (Spanish, German, and sign language), dance, drama, music, yoga, karate, cooking and lego building.  In addition, some of the units conclude with a special performance for parents.  The enrichment time is designed to expose your child to something new that he or she may wish to further pursue and to allow him or her create, to bake, to speak in a new language, and to have fun with classmates.