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Kid’s Connection

Kids Connection is Seasonal and not being offered during the summer.

Children experience life through their senses.  They hear, see, feel, smell, and taste the world around them.  On Sunday mornings, these truths continue.  Children see the movement of the processions.  They hear (speak and sing) the liturgy and God’s Word.  They see, hear and feel the water’s of baptisms.  (Make sure to sit close enough so they can see!)  They taste the body and blood of Jesus, their Savior.  They feel the soft pew cushions, the warm handshakes and the loving arms of the people who brought them to God’s House.

In an attempt to further enrich worship experiences for children age 3-grade 6 , the Christian Education Committee has tried something new called  Kid’s Connection.  Children gather in the chapel/parlor during the sermon at 10:30 a.m. where they hear God’s Word presented.  Many adults volunteer their time to tell the Bible Story in a hands-on child friendly format.  Through drama, art, music, and movement, Kid’s Connection has helped our children see how Sunday morning worship and the stories from the Bible connect with their daily lives.  Children are returned to their families during the hymn of the day, immediately following the sermon.  Participating in Kid’s Connection is of course optional.

Please speak to Patty Snyder or anyone on the Christian Education Committee with ideas or comments about this ministry for our children.

At baptism, we welcome each child into the Lord’s family as fellow members of the body of Christ and workers with us in the kingdom.  Help us as we find new ways to bring God’s story to His children.


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