Garden of Memory

memory wall2

Gracing the corner of George Street and Springettsbury Avenue is a lovely curving Columbarium built of brick and dedicated in 2005. Cremation is recognized within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to be entirely proper and theologically sound.  In recent years there has been a return to the ancient custom of cremation where deceased loved ones return to ashes. We remember the words from Genesis that we are dust and to dust we shall return.  The practice of cremation makes it possible for the ashes of the faithful departed to be placed within the structure of the church or on its grounds.  As we place ashes of loved ones in the Garden of Memory we situate our loved ones and ourselves in a context of the loving worshiping community of Christ Jesus. In Christ we are made one.  In him death and life are blurred together in God’s Word of promise.  It is the Word from which all hope springs.

The 64 niches and 100 ground plots are available to current members, former members, and faithful friends. The Garden is open and available for reflection, meditation and prayer daily.

To discuss the process for reserving a plot or wall niche in the Garden of Memory, see any member of the Columbarium Committee . Responsible stewardship of the creation God gives us grows and along with that the “end of life” decision for cremation is growing also. As stated in previous articles the intent is to offer an affordable and dignified alternative to current and former members and faithful friends. This is not or ever will be a service in which we want to make a profit. Pricing has not changed since the inception of the columbarium in 2005.  Prices range from $250 to $1500. Pastor Reep (717-843-8155) will meet with you to discuss and clarify your spiritual concerns. Information packets are available at the church office or call (717-843-8155) and have it sent to you. The current members of the committee are Pastor Reep, Tom Ruth, Bob Little, Ron Sturges, and Larry Gross. Don’t hesitate to contact anyone of these individuals for answers to your questions.

“Remember – One of the greatest gifts you can leave behind for your loved ones is to have arrangements made so they won’t have this burden to manage during a stressful time in their lives.