Confirmation Ministry

Confirmation Program

Confirmation Sessions Begin

Sunday, February 21, 2021

 @ 5:00 PM Holy Communion

Confirmation students will be focusing on the Ten Commandments during the season of Lent.  The students can participate in person on Sunday evenings at the 5:00 pm spoken Holy Communion liturgy or they may view it online when it is posted for Wednesday mid-week worship.  The liturgy will highlight two commandments each week for the five weeks of Lent.  It is our hope that some of our students and their families will attend each week in person.  Students will be asked to serve as lector where they will read one lesson.  Packets of materials are available starting January 31.  Each packet will include the Small Catechism explanations to the commandments by Martin Luther, an overview of each commandment, and worship note forms for the five weeks.  Through our mid-week social media the entire congregation can review the Ten Commandments and something of how we as Lutheran’s make sense of them. The service bulletins will be emailed to the congregation each Wednesday so that you may follow along and participate from home.

The Confirmation Ministry follows the Small Catechism of Martin Luther. We began with the section on The Lord’s Prayer and will study the Ten Commandments during Lent.  We hope that all of our students grade 7 and up will engage in this ministry.

Our last group of students confirmed was in 2019; four students They are:  Ryan Butler, Alexander Hutton, Kaitlyn Seydel, and Sophia Zart.  Please keep these young members of our congregation in  your prayers.

Click on the photos below to enlarge the picture.  Great group of young people.