Children & Family Lessons


Read Daivd and Goliath in the Spark Bible on Page 130

Read a longer story of David in the paraclete bible on page page 125-134

Try the shield craft project suggested in the magazine.

Find a smooth rock outside in your garden or on a walk. Paint it your favorite color. When it is dry, use permanent marker to make a cross or other symbol to remind you of God. Keep the rock close and hold it when you feel scared to remind you that God is with you.







Summer Devotional Activity

Summer is a great time to enjoy God’s creation. Here are some ideas for enjoying the beauty of the night.

Things you might need: Flashlight, a book on the stars, a Bible, blankets, containers for collecting fireflies (be sure to release them when you are done).

On a dark night, take the family outside to look at the stars. Spread blankets so everyone can get a good view of the sky. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of light, plan to drive to a place away from city lights. Try to identify some of the constellations. While gazing at the stars, read Genesis 1:14-19. Use some of these questions as discussion starters.

  1. How do you feel when you look at the stars?
  2. Why do you think God made the stars?
  3. What other things did God create?
  4. How can we take care of all that God created?
  5. What do these lightening bugs remind you of?

End with prayer. “Dear God, thank you for creating these spectacular lights in the sky. Thank you for creating everything, including us. Help us to take care of all that you have given us. Keep us safe this night and always. Amen














The Latest Issue of Spark Family Magazine should have arrived in June at the home of every family with children between the ages of 3 through grade 4. The Christian Education Committee pays for this magazine subscription which comes to your home four times a year. Each issue highlights nine Bible Stories with colorful pictures, activities, and prayers. Make some time to read these stories with your children. Look them up in your Paraclete Bible for Kids that you received when your child was young. Borrow a Spark Bible from the church if you wish to read from the Children’s Bible that we use in Sunday School. For older children, read the stories in a regular Bible. Your child might be especially familiar with four of the stories in this issue. Last fall they heard about Joseph, Baby Moses, Moses in the wilderness with manna, quail and water and, God calling Samuel. (If you have children this age, do not get this magazine and would like it, please contact the church office.) Happy Sum