4 Year Old Class

Our four-year old class meets four days a week (Monday-Thursday) from 9:00-11:30 a.m.  We offer two four-year old classes, each designed to prepare your child for kindergarten.  The class builds upon the skills students develop in the three-year old class and emphasizes practical skills, social development, language skills, reading readiness, visual skills, and math readiness.  In the four-year old class, the following concepts are covered through the school year:

Social Development

  • Can function away from parents
  • Plays well with others
  • Is courteous and polite
  • Respects rights and privacy of others
  • Shares toys
  • Assumes responsibility/organizes toys and belongings
  • Completes tasks
  • Demonstrates appropriate classroom behavior
  • Follow directions and instructions in a sequence
  • Participates in class discussions
  • Listens carefully and attentively

Language Skills and Reading Readiness

  • Speaks clearly
  • Expresses self well in words
  • Has adequate vocabulary
  • Knows first and last name, age
  • Can write first name
  • Recognizes and can write capital and lowercase letters
  • Introduced to beginning letter sounds
  • Shows left to right directionality
  • Can recognize rhyming words


  • Recognizes shapes and can classify and sort objects and pictures
  • Recognizes patterns
  • Recognizes numbers up to  10
  • Understands counting concept
  • Identifies size difference

Fine Motor Skills

  • Can cut independently
  • Holds pencil/crayon appropriately

Gross Motor Skills

  • Throws/catches/bounces ball
  • Demonstrates adequate balance

Behavioral Development

  • Works quietly
  • Works independently
  • Shows effort
  • Able to put on coat, sweater and jacket
  • Begins using zippers and snaps