3 Years Old Class

Preschool News

Shown below is artwork created by the 3 year olds in Mrs. Becker’s and Mrs. Rost’s class since the beginning of the school year through March.

For September they were studying Nursery Rhymes and these are the crafts they made to coincide with the Nursery Rhymes they learned.

Click on the first picture to enlarge and use the arrows to navigate through the pictures:

In October, we talked about fall, Halloween, and fire prevention and below is the artwork associated:  (Click on first picture to enlarge and use arrows to navigate.)

November Art Projects:  Scarecrows and Crows, Cornucopia and God’s Blessings, Thanksgiving Turkeys and Pilgrims and Native Americans/First Thanksgiving – (Click on first picture to enlarge and use arrows to navigate.)

February was a short but busy month for the Preschool.  We began the month talking and reading about Clifford, the Big Red Dog and Valentine’s Day.  Next we talked about Presidents Washington and Lincoln.  We made flags and log cabins.

In March we celebrated Dr. Seuss and reading several of his books.  We are exploring wind, Spring and Easter.  Click on the artwork to enlarge.